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My 2012 NY Resolutions - How Did I Do with them? - There's something about Mary... — LiveJournal

Dec. 29th, 2012 06:01 pm My 2012 NY Resolutions - How Did I Do with them?

So, the things I resolved to do in 2012, with my comments on how far I achieved them, are:
  1. Review and re-write my life-plan (and goals) for each area of my life. -  10/10 - DONE
  2. Finish unpacking paperwork and get good system in place; and get the rest of the house more organised and presentable. - 7/10 - The house is MUCH more presentable than it was a year ago when we had recently moved in. And I am developing a good system for paperwork, but there is still room for improvement.
  3. Lose at least 3 stone in weight. - 0/10 - My weight has been up and down this year.  On the plus side, I haven't put any weight on - the 3 stone I lost in 2011 has stayed off - and to be honest, with all the challenges that have come my way this year, I think I can be happy not to have put on any weight!  I would like to see me build on the good work I started in 2011 though, and lose another big chunk of weight in 2013.  
  4. Feel more financially secure for the long-term, with savings & retirement plan, wills, etc - 5/10 - Have made steps towards this, but various things were planned to be put in place after the wedding, which had to be postponed, so this one will have to get ticked off in 2013.
  5. Organise our wedding and marry Tim (on October 27th). - 8/10 - All organised, but date had to be rescheduled (due to cancer stuff) to Feb 23rd 2013.  Invitations going out by email shortly.  So this one is a "nearly done!" :-)
  6. Complete 2 Coaching diplomas (NLP and Coaching Supervision); And achieve "Master Coach" level. - 6/10 - Have done all the coursework for the NLP diploma, but had to miss the qualification weekend (came when Tim was having his cancer stuff) so I hope to qualify in June 2013 instead.  As for the Supervision one: I changed my mind about who to do the diploma with, which meant the course start-date was later in the year - I am all set to get this one in June 2013.
  7. Raise at least …£250 for charity by walking 10 miles; and also set-up the charity I want to start. - 7/10 - Raised more than my target, but haven't set up the charity yet (though I have done some research).
  8. Finish writing my first book. - 0/10 - not even started LOL.
  9. Sing with a decent choir again, and perform in at least one concert. - 8/10 - Did some singing, with a decent choir, but I wasn't really up to the physical demands of singing and standing to perform etc (blasted M.E.), or to consistently attending rehearsals, so didn't manage a concert in the end, but at least I gave it a go as planned :-)   It actually made me think about whether it is something I really want to do when I am fit, and I am not sure.  Weird wanting something for so long, then when you might be getting to the point that you can do it, you have moved on, and perhaps other things have taken its place.  Will have to think about this.  One good outcome - Tim is now singing with the choir regularly as he joined when I went along.  And he really enjoys it.
  10. Read at least 50 books (about one a week). - 7/10 - I read about 30 in the end.  Must do better to catch up with the book back-log I have.  In fairness, I have read an awful lot of other stuff on-line, studying for my courses etc.
  11. Have dinner with friends at least once a month. - 10/10 - DONE :-)
  12. Write at least 24 proper hand-written letters (i.e. 2 a month). - 10/10 - DONE :-)
So, out of a possible 120 points, I have scored myself 78.  That's about 7/10 overall.  Not too bad I reckon.

Now I need to decide what my resolutions for 2013 will be.  I have one so far.  I will post a list sometime in the next few days.

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(no subject) - (Anonymous)
Date:December 30th, 2012 03:06 am (UTC)
Personally I'd be wary of giving to charities. A lot of them are downright frauds and the whole sector is riddled with dodgy practices such as workfare, exploitation of volunteers, chugging and driving out high street competitors (Oxfam in particular is notorious for this and many independent retailers have been driven to the wall by unscrupulous "charity" shops). Also, a lot of them run on government funds and basically function as unaccountable arms of the State.

So yeah, you're definitely better off setting up your own or giving to one you're personally connected with. Sorry to be a Negative Nancy and all, but I'd hate for anyone to put themselves through a lot of work thinking they were helping a good cause when in fact they were inadvertantly doing harm!

Edited at 2012-12-30 03:09 am (UTC)
(no subject) - (Anonymous)
Date:December 30th, 2012 10:58 am (UTC)
Play nice Peter ! ;-)

Feel free to disagree with fellow commenters to my journal, but the fact that someone disagrees with your viewpoint, however wrong you may feel them to be, does not make them a moron.

I shall take a look at the links posted here and give this some thought. Thanks to you both for your comments.


Date:December 30th, 2012 07:53 am (UTC)
Yes that is an excellent score. I am in awe of your self-organisation!

Re charities, I give regularly via a CAF gift-aid account. I have a favourites list of charities on my account on their site & having the account makes it very to sort out donations.

Setting up a trust sounds practical.

(You might want to drop friends who post abusively?)

Anyway, well done!
Date:December 30th, 2012 06:30 pm (UTC)
That sounds pretty impressive! Good luck with the making, and execution, of resolutions for 2013!