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Addicted... - There's something about Mary...

Jun. 2nd, 2011 06:24 pm Addicted...

 - Addicted to our love -

Watching you walk away again
I long to call you back -
Is it time to leave, so soon?

Our loving farewell kiss
as tender as our first
leaves me wanting much more.

I re-live special times we've shared
since when our minds first met
and our hearts connected...

You walked into my life
then took my bashful hand
and swept me off my feet!

You romanced me like a princess
and you, my handsome prince
a modern fairy-tale...

Addicted to our love
I long for your embrace
to be held in your arms once more.

Watching you walk away again
I know you'll soon be back -
And then
you will kiss me

And then
all will be right again.

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