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New Year Resolutions 2011 - There's something about Mary... — LiveJournal

Jan. 5th, 2011 09:13 pm New Year Resolutions 2011

 January 2011 - My 2011 resolutions:

So, here are my resolutions for the coming year.  2010 was a challenging one, with bereavements, a break-up, serious health problems, and a number of other negatives.  These contributed to me achieving far less than I hoped to achieve in the year.  But, 2011 will be better.

"Do, or do not.  There is no try." - Master Yoda  :-)

6 things I resolve to do FOR OTHERS:

  1. Write a will, making provision for partner(s), nieces/nephews and charities etc
  2. Visit long-distance friends more: Go and visit (and hopefully stay with) at least 6 friends (who live more than 100 miles away) during the year.
  3. Write at least one proper hand-written letter a month to friends/family (I used to write letters more, but have slipped to writing almost none in the last couple of years).
  4. Promote greener lifestyles by getting double the attendance at the EV conference (ElectraCon 3) that I will be organising this year (June 25th, Manchester Science Museum, be there!).
  5. Do a sponsored somethingorother to raise money for charity.
  6. Set the wheels in motion with regards to the charity I have been wanting to start for a while.
6 things I resolve to do FOR ME:
  1. Lose at least 4 stone during the year (to add to the nearly 2 stone I have lost in the latter part of 2010).
  2. Write a proper plan for my future: goals and action plans for my personal life, finances, businesses, etc - to help me with this, I can use some of the tools I have picked up whilst training to be a coach.
  3. Finish sorting out my paperwork 'system' and my study.
  4. Read 52 books (one a week).
  5. Complete the 'boring paperwork' to finish my diplomas in "Performance Coaching", "Advanced Coaching" and "Coaching Supervision" (to further my professional development as a Coach and Coach Supervisor)
  6. Finish writing my first book.
And a couple of my behaviours I resolve to address:

Communicate better my needs and desires, my happiness and my pain:  let more people see when I am hurting, so that they have the opportunity to support me.  Less of the British 'stiff upper-lip' - instead, let more people into my 'inner circle of trust'.  

Surround myself with positive people rather than negative ones:  Life is too short to keep wasting it on people who are 'drama llamas', or on those friends/acquaintances that seem to absorb my energy without ever giving anything back, or on those people who rarely have a positive thing to say about the world or the people in it.  Instead, choose to be around people who are optimistic, and feel positive about life, the human race, etc.

Be more selective with my time - give it to people who appreciate me:  Stop making efforts towards 'friends' whose actions make it clear they are no longer interested in my friendship - (e.g. no matter how much they say they care if they bump into me, if they never call or visit, and rarely respond to emails/texts, then I should just take the hint and stop banging my head against a brick wall).  Instead, do my best to invest my time and energies in friends whose actions demonstrate that I am important to them; trying to make sure also that my actions demonstrate to my friends how valuable they are to me.

I think that covers everything!  

Better get on with it!

Current Mood: optimisticoptimistic

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Date:January 5th, 2011 09:19 pm (UTC)
I'd love a visit from you :) xxx