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Happy Holidays - There's something about Mary... — LiveJournal

Jul. 27th, 2010 06:08 pm Happy Holidays

Tim and I are on our holidays, and, by the power of magic (well, an O2 dongle) I am able to bring you tales of excitement from Shropshire.

We had a leisurely drive down on Saturday, stopping off at The Punch Bowl pub in West Felton, the highlight of which was their home-made Crunchie cheesecake, with bits of Crunchie bars in it... yum!

Having arrived at our cottage, in the little village of Grimpo, I sent Tim out to buy OS maps while I unpacked, dealt with the shopping deliery and cooked a small turkey joint.
This lead us nicely up to listening to the Doctor Who prom on radio 3 while sharing the rest of a bottle of grenache rose wine - I so wanted to be the kid they got out of the audience at one point!  And the interval piece about the show's sounds effects was very interesting too.

Our cottage is lovely, a converted barn.  It has a small enclosed garden, beyond which is a small-holding with free-range hens, sheep, cows, and pigs.  I could SO live here!  Added to that are the welcome and regular visits from the owner's cats for a quick cuddle and to lick up any excess gravy.  Less welcome are the tiny flies that get into everything.... including the 2 I am looking at currently that have somehow managed to crawl into my laptop screen and die there.  I could cope with accidentally eating them in my sarnies, and drinking them in my tea, but now they are invading my tech - a step to far!  ;-)

Sunday was a lazy day. We slept in until about 11am!  wow! This is what happens when I get a chance for a real lie in after months of living life at an 'excitable' pace.  Once up, Tim went for a walk, and I proof-read the Battery Vehicle Society magazine - a task which takes about 6 hours if done properly - it needed to be done before Monday, and actually I quite enjoyed it, curled up in the countryside breeze, listening to the animals.  After that, I read some more of a book that Mark Datko lent me - all about being in one's element, finding your true path.  Just the sort of perfect reading for a professional life-coach and amateur armchair philosopher like myself.

For dinner, I made steak pie.  When I say 'made' of course I mean with the help of Mr Tesco.  So perhaps I should say 'heated'.  On Saturday I had made gravy in a teapot.  But on Sunday Tim pointed out that the extractor hood above the hob was in fact a cupboard, containing a gravy jug... doh!  So my gravy was served in a more traditional manner on Sunday.  Following pie and prom, more reading ensued until bedtime.  And we perused the OS maps - me in my usual style - find all the things written in wibbly writing and plan a route round them all.

Monday was an exploring day.  First, we attempted to track down two of the bits of wibbly writing.  A motte in West Felton, and a well further down the road.  Unfortunately, neither were to be found, but much fun was to be had clambering over gravestones and avoiding really muddy bits of track.  The first successful find was the Knockin Radio Telescope (see pics), which is part of Jodrell Bank's MERLIN array. 
Then we drove into Knockin, a small village, and failed to find another motte - well, we think we found where it used to be, now a clump of trees, next to another pretty church.

Lunch was had at, I kid you not, the Knockin Shop (and tea-rooms).  We had sandwiches, and chocolate fudge-cake, but no sex.

Then, on to Ruyton XI Towns to see Ruyton Castle (rems) next to another church.  We pondered on the usefulness of such a small castle, and admired a sundial in the grounds of the church, before continuing our exploring down more country lanes.

There are various ways you can identify a Mary on holiday
- one of which is Tim making comments like "I wonder how many miles I have driven you in reverse" as he backs out of yet another dotted white road, which Mary has insisted he should go down because, looking at the map, there might be something interesting at the bottom of it...
 - the other is triumphant squeals from Mary as her latest 'short cut' across the countryside takes them down yet another road with grass running down the middle, and passing places...

Heading out of Ruyton we found ourselves on several very small roads, much to my delight, which took us through what was left of Rednal airfield.  Tim assured me that aeroplanes still used it, but, judging from the state of the windsock and the 'runway' I wouldn't advise it.

Several country roads later we found ourselves back at our cottage, and Tim got us chicken and (proper) chips from a local takeaway to eat with the prom.  Hearing the London premiere of the percussion concerto was.... interesting.  I think it counts as the sort of music my Dad would call 'challenging' - I enjoyed it in places, and it was certainly worth hearing - I don't think I will be rushing out to buy the CD though.

Photos to accompany the above tales may be found here:

Today, another lazy day, sorting out getting my photos onto flickr, eating bread and cheese, reading, and a phone-call from home to say that Posie has an absess - she will be ok though.

Tonight, Tim is taking me out to dinner at The Queen's Head pub, in a village called.... Queens Head.
This means I shall have to hear tonight's Beethoven on 'listen again' - 'cos there's no way I am missing out on Beethoven.

For now, away from the computer, to read some more I think....

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Date:July 27th, 2010 05:47 pm (UTC)
Glad you're having a good time :D
Date:July 27th, 2010 09:44 pm (UTC)
Sounds lovely, especially the cottage!